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  • 2014-06-19 17:39:30

General Ledger module has following functionalities
Below are the fully functional ERP Modules available in inoERP 100. General Ledger (GL)

1. Chart of Account
a multi segment chart of account structure to represent all the segments of a business.
Ex : 001-100-1020202-0100-100
Where 001 – Represents a specific company / business unit /legal entity
100 – Represents a cost center
1020202 – a Natural account such as Asset, Liability, Expense, Income or Owners Equity

2. Calendars
Define as many different finical calendars as required as per business requirements
Ex : One calendar INO_CORP for Corporate and INO_USA, INO_UK for specific countries

3. Account Combinations
4. Currency & Conversions
5. Ledger
A set of calendar, currency and accounts
6. Banks
Internal Banks. External Banks – Supplier & Customer
7. Journal
Manual Journal Entry
Upload Journals from Excel
Validate & Post Sub ledger Journal Entries

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