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  • Firefox loads no websites displays no error messages
  • MichaelMorin
  • 2018-03-30 06:49:03

I just updated Firefox today to 44.0. I was using it just fine for the hours before that but right after the update no websites would load. Firefox gives no error message. All I see is the little spinning wheel with "Connecting..." beside it. I've tried multiple sides like Reddit, Youtube, Google and Twitter to no avail. I've tried removing and adding Firefox to the exclusions list on my antivirus with no results and running as admin. Disabling my antivirus didn't seem to affect it at all except I noticed one of the help pages on the forums here mentioned it sometimes doesn't actually disable. I left Firefox running while writing this to see if an error message will show up. It still says connecting and it's been around 15 minutes?

Please help.

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