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  • 2015-05-11 04:19:34
To enter a new customer in system, Navigate to Accounts Receivable -> Customer; Enter the relevant information as described below and save the record.
Customer Id:
Customer id is a system generated unique id for the customer. Customer id is a read-only field.

Customer Number:
You can enter a unique customer number or leave this field blank. If you keep this field blank, system will auto-generate a unique customer number.

Customer Name:
Enter a unique name of the customer in English language. Customer name is an Ajax field, so when you type any value in the field, it will show you the list of all existing customer names. To create a new customer, click on the plus sign (+) next to the customer name field and then enter the customer name.
Customer name is a mandatory field and you can’t save any customer record without a name.

Customer Type:
Select a customer type as applicable for the customer. This is an optional field.

Customer Category:
Select a customer category as applicable for the customer. This is an optional field.

Supplier Name:
If you want to associate the customer with a supplier then you can enter the supplier name in this field.

Tax Country:
Select the country where the customer’s HQ is legally registered.

Tax Registration Number:
Enter the tax registration number of the customer corporate HQ.

Tax Payer Id:
Enter the tax payer Id if required.

Select the current status of the customer.

Alternate Name:
You can use alternate name of the customer to enter the customer name in any non-English language.

Business Unit Assignment:

Business Unit assignment tab shows if a customer is associated to a business unit or not.
You can click on the assignment details to assign a customer to a BU or to change any existing customer-BU related information.
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