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  • nishitD
  • 2015-05-11 04:25:18
Customer site represents a specific entity of the customer with which you do business. You can create multiple sites of a single customer representing different entities/locations of the customer.

Suppose you have two business units – Singapore and California (US). Both the units’ sales finished good to a customer inoTech which has divisions in Malaysia and Ohio (US).
In inoERP, you can create a single customer inoTech with two different sites Malaysia & Ohio allowing both your business units (Singapore & California) to sale/or ship to different customer location.


To enter a new customer site in system, Navigate to Accounts Receivable -> Customers; Query an existing customer, enter all the relevant information for the customer site (as described below) and save the record.

Customer Site Id:
Customer site id is a system generated unique id for the customer site. Customer site id is a read-only field.

Customer Site Number:
You can enter a unique customer site number or leave this field blank. If you keep this field blank, system will auto-generate a unique customer site number.

Customer Site Name:
Enter a unique name of the customer site in English language. Customer site name is a mandatory field and you can’t save any customer site record without a site name.

Customer Site Type:
Select a customer site type as applicable for the customer. This is an optional field.

Customer Site Reference:
Customer site reference is a free text field and you can use to enter any business related reference number. This is an optional field.

Site Tax Country:
Select the country where the customer site is legally registered.

Site Tax Registration Number:
Enter the tax registration number of the customer site.

Site Tax Payer Id:
Enter the tax payer Id if required.

Sales Region:
You can enter a sales region if you want to track & report sales in different regions. You need to setup the sale regions before using this field.

Enter the preferred currency of the customer.

Payment Term:
Select the payment term as agreed with the customer site.

Select the name of the customer bank.

Bank Account:
Select the account number of the customer bank.
Order Type:
Enter a default order type for the customer. This is an option field. If you enter the order type in this field then system will default this order type and all the related information in sales order form.

Price List:
Enter a default price list for the customer. Value entered in this field defaults to sales order created for this customer site. System will allows you to change this value in the sales order.

Internal Org:
You can associate a customer to an internal organization for internal sales.

Fright Terms:
Enter the freight terms as agreed by the customer site.

Enter default freight on board as agreed by the customer site.

Ship to & Bill to:
Enter the default ship to and bill for the customer site

Customer Contact:
Enter customer contacts in contact tab
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