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  • AR Transaction - Header
  • nishitD
  • 2015-05-11 10:09:31
Header level information is same for all the line items used in a transaction. You can view & update the header level information of an AR Transaction by navigating to Accounts Receivable -> AR Transaction.
To create a new transaction/or update an existing transaction, enter below information as applicable for the document and then save the record.

Transition Header Id:
A unique system generated number. You can’t modify this number.

Transaction Number:
A unique number assigned to each transaction and referred in all documents/transactions. You can manually enter a unique number before saving the transaction record. If you leave this field blank, system auto-generates a unique transaction number.

BU Name:
Select the business organization name. You can default the business organization name from the business organization profile.

Ledger defaults from the business organization.

Transaction Type:
Select the transaction Type. System defaults the value to an External Sales transaction type, if available.

Transaction Class:
Transaction class is a read-only field and defaults from the transaction type. Example of transaction classes are Invoice, Debit Memo, Credit Memo, etc.

Document Date:
System defaults document-date from current system date but allows you to update the value.

Period Name:
System defaults the latest open period but allows you to modify the value.

Status field shows the current status of a Transaction.
You can change the status a transaction through the action field. Few statuses are auto-changed by system and can’t be modified through transaction action field.

Customer Name:
Enter customer name.

Customer Number:
Customer number defaults from the customer name.

Customer Site:
Select customer site.

Document Owner:
System defaults the current user name as document owner but you can modify it.

SD SO Number Owner:
So numbers is a read-only field and system shows the sales order number against which the invoice is created.

Enter any comment /remark in the description field.

Document Currency:
Document (or Doc.) currency is the currency of the transaction document. It is the currency with which customer prefers to communicate & make payment. The value in this field defaults from customer and customer site but system allows you to manually change the doc currency value.

Currency field shows the primary currency of the business unit where the transaction document is created. The currency value defaults from the primary ledger of the business unit. You cannot and should not try to change the value in this field.

Exchange Rate Type & Exchange Rate:
You can select an exchange rate type & enter a value for the exchange rate field if the currency and document currency are different for the transaction document.

Header & Tax Amount:
Header & Tax amount field shows the total header amount and tax amount for the transaction document. System auto calculates & updates these fields depending on the line amount and tax codes.

Payment Term:
Payment term defaults from the customer & customer site. System allows you to manually override the default values.

Payment Term Date:
Enter a payment term date. If you keep this field blank, system considers the document date as payment term date.

Receivable Account:
System defaults the receivable account from the transaction type but allows you to override the value.

GL Journal Header Id:
GL Journal header id is a read-only field. This field shows the journal header id.
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