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  • AR Receipt - Line Level Information
  • nishitD
  • 2015-05-12 04:37:34
You can create one or more receipt line for each receipt header. Receipt line contains the transaction information to which the receipt is applied.
1431405498_Transaction_Line.PNGSequence Number:
Sequence number is a read-only field. System auto-populates a unique sequence number for all the lines across all the tabs for easy viewing of data of a single line in different tabs.

Line Id:
Line id is a read-only field. Line id is an auto increased, primary key of the ar_receipt_line table.

Transaction Id:
Transaction id is a read-only field and defaults from the transaction number.

Transaction Number:
Select transaction number to which the receipt is applied.

Receipt Amount:
Enter receipt amount. Receipt amount should be less than equal remaining amount.

Rate field defaults from the exchange rate from the header.

GL Amount:
GL amount is read-only field. System calculates GL amount by multiplying receipt amount with the rate.
GL Amount = Receipt Amount * Rate.

Total Amount:
Total amount shows the total transaction amount. Total amount is a read-only field.

Cumulative Receipt Amount:
Cumulative receipt amount shows the total receipt amount for the selected transaction. Cumulative receipt amount is read-only field.

Remaining Amount:
Remaining amount shows the total remaining amount of the selected transaction. Remaining amount is a read-only field. System calculates the remaining amount by subtracting cumulative receipt amount from the total amount.
Remaining Amount = Total Amount – Cumulative Receipt Amount.
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