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  • Value Group Lines
  • nishitD
  • 2015-05-13 09:33:39
You can create one or more value group line for each value group header. Value group line contains the specific values, their description and other related information.

You can create value group lines by various different methods.
1. Manually entering all line level information.
2. Importing transaction lines from a spreadsheet.
3. Copying any existing value group header.

For each line, you define a code that is stored in database. You can show either the value or a description to the users for data entry.

You can maintain parent-child relationship of different levels by using the parent child functionality.

For natural account values, you can specify the account qualifier and other journal level details in the value group line.

You can create, view & update any value group level information by navigating to Setup -> Master Data -> Value Group. To create a new value group line/or update an existing value group line, search the existing value group and enter below information as applicable for the value group line and then save the record.

Sequence Number:
Sequence number is a read-only field. System auto-populates a unique sequence number for all the lines across all the tabs for easy viewing of data of a single line in different tabs.

Line Id:
Line id is a read-only field. Line id is an auto increased, primary key of the sys_value_group_line table.

Line Code:
Enter a code for the value group line value. Use capital letters with underscore (_) to concatenate separate words.

Line Value:
Enter value of the value for the value group line.

Enter a description for the value.

Enter a status of the value. Blank value means active.

Start Date and End Date:
Enter a start and end date, if you want the value to be valid for certain duration of time.

Is Parent:
You can use is parent field to specify if the value is a parent value or not.

Parent Name:
Select the parent field name, if you want to maintain parent-child relationship.

Account Qualifier:
For natural account segments, select an account qualifier for the value.

Allow Budgeting:
For natural account segments, specify if budgeting is allowed or not.

Allow Posting:
For natural account segments, specify if posting is allowed or not.
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