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  • Account Code Combination
  • nishitD
  • 2015-05-13 09:57:34
An account code combination is a complete group of values of an account structure that can be used for creating journal entries. System allows you to use only valid combinations defined in the account combination form and there by eliminates any chance of using a wrong account code combination.

The values of account code commotions are created in value group and the combination of those valid values are created in account combination form.

Each account code combination should have at-least 4 segments
1. Balancing Segment
2. Cost Center
3. Natural Account
4. Intercompany Value
If you wish not to use any specific segment then you can use a default value (such as 000) for that segment in all the combinations.

You can create account code combinatiosn by 2 different ways.
1. Manually entering all the segment values in the account code comibation form.
2. Importing account code combinatiosn from spreedsheet..

You can create, view & update any chart of account information by navigating to General Ledger -> Chart of Accounts.

To create a new chart of account/or update an existing chart of account, enter below information as applicable for your organization and then save the record.

Select the COA id for which you want to create the combination and click on the search icon next to it.

Code Combination Id:
A unique system generated number. You can’t modify this number.

Code Combination:
Code combination is a read-only field and the value auto-populates from the segment values selected in Field Values tab.

Description is a read-only field and the value auto-populates from the segment values selected in Field Values tab.

Account Type:
Account type defaults from the natural account value selected in the value tab.

Enter a status of the value. Blank value means active.

Start Date and End Date:
Enter a start and end date, if you want the value to be valid for certain duration of time.
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