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  • Financial Calendar
  • nishitD
  • 2015-05-14 09:44:58
A financial calendar (or fiscal calendar) is a calendar used by business organization for accounting & financial statement preparation purpose. A calendar is an important entity in defining the financial setups in inoERP. You can define as many different calendars as required per your business requirements.

Financial calendar names are defined in ‘GL_CALENDAR_NAME’ option as different option values. After defining calendar names in option, you need to add accounting periods to your calendar using calendar form.
Calendars are assigned to ledgers and wherever required system picks the calendar from ledger to derive the period names.

System defaults the period in most of the forms (Ex: GL Journal entry, AP Invoice, AP Payment, AR Invoice, AR Payment) from the calendar assigned to the ledger of the business unit where the transaction is created. The default period is always the latest open period but system allows you to manually over-ride the value to any open period.

Steps for chart of account setup
1. Create a new option line value in ‘GL_CALENDAR_NAME’ option header for your new calendar name.
2. Setup the dates and period name for the new calendar using the GL calendar form.
3. Assign the calendar to a ledger if required.
4. Open the period to allow financial transaction.

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