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  • Calendar Name
  • nishitD
  • 2015-05-14 09:51:37
To create, view or update any calendar name related information, navigate to Setup -> Option, search the option header name GL_CALENDAR_NAME, enter/updated below information as applicable for the calendar name and then save the record.
Option Header Id:
A unique system generated number. You can’t modify this number.

Option Type:
The default value is GL_CALENDAR_NAME. Don’t try to change the value.

Access Level:
The default value is ‘Both’. Don’t try to change the value.

The default value is ‘GL Calendar Name’. You can enter any comment /remark in the description field.

Module Code:
The default value is ‘General Ledger. Don’t try to change the value.

Option Assignment:
Not used. Leave blank.

Status field shows the current status of an option. Blank status value means active.

Sequence Number:
Sequence number is a read-only field. System auto-populates a unique sequence number for all the lines across all the tabs for easy viewing of data of a single line in different tabs.

Line Id:
Line id is a read-only field. Line id is an auto increased, primary key of the option_line table.

Option Code/Calendar Code:
Enter a code for the option line value. Use capital letters with underscore (_) to concatenate separate words. Never change this value for any saved record.

Segment Value/Calendar Name:
Enter value of the option line as calendar name. You can change this value for any existing record.

Segment Description:
Enter a description for the option value. You can change this value for any existing record

Value Group:
Not used for Calendar.
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