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  • Bank Account
  • nishitD
  • 2015-05-15 14:18:37
You need to assign a bank to a business unit to receive payments from customers and to make payment to suppliers. Each bank account needs to be associated with either an internal business unit or an external entity (such as customer & supplier)

To create a bank account, Navigate to General Ledger -> Banks -> Bank Accounts; Enter all the relevant information for the bank account (as described below) and save the record.

Bank Account Id:
Bank Account id is a system generated unique id for the bank account. Bank Account Id is a read-only field.

Bank Name:
Select a bank name in which you want to create the bank account.

Branch Name:
Select a branch name in which you want to create the bank account.

Bank Account Number:
Enter the bank account number.

Select the bank account usage type

Select the bank account type.

Enter any comment /remark in the description field.

Bank Details:

All the fields in the bank details tab are read-only fields and defaults from the selected bank & bank site.

BU Name:

Assign a business unit to an internal bank account.

Assign a customer to a customer bank account.

Assign a supplier to a supplier bank account.

Cash Account:
Enter a cash account for the bank account. System credits this account when payments are made to supplier. Similarly, system debits this account when customer receipts are applied to an invoice.

Clearing Account:
Enter a clearing general ledger account.
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