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  • Journal - Header Level Information
  • nishitD
  • 2015-05-16 11:54:45
Header level information is same for all journal lines in a header. You can view & update the header level information of journal by navigating to General Ledger -> Journal.
To create a new journal/or update an existing journal, enter below information as applicable for the journal and then save the record.
Journal Header Id:
A unique system generated number. You can’t modify this number.

Select ledger for manual journal. Once saved, you can’t modify the ledger of a journal.

Currency value defaults from the ledger, but system allows you to change the currency to enter foreign currency journals.

Period Name:
System defaults the latest open period and allows you to change the value.

Chart of Account is a read-only field and the value defaults from the ledger.

Document Date:
The date on which journal is created. For new manual journals, select a date from the calendar.

Journal Name:
Enter a name for the journal. This is a mandatory field.

Enter any comment /remark in the description field.

Balance Type:
Select a balance type.

Status field shows the current status of a Journal.
You can change the status a journal through the action field. Few statuses are auto-changed by system and can’t be modified through journal action field.
Un Posted

Post Date:
Postdate is a read-only field and shows the date on which the journal was posted.
Exchange Rate Type & Exchange Rate:
You can select an exchange rate type & enter a value for the exchange rate field if the journal currency and ledger currency are different for the journal.

Control Total:
You can enter a control total to control the total amount of the journal.

Journals Source:
Journal source specifies the source of the journal. For auto generated journals, system default the journal name as the corresponding module name. For manual journals, system default the value ‘Manual’.

Journals Category:
Journal category specifies the category of the journal. For auto generated journals, system default the journal category from the Class file of the transaction/document used for generating the journal. For manual journals, system default the value ‘GL Miscellaneous.
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