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  • Forecast - Line Level Information
  • nishitD
  • 2015-05-17 04:06:48
You can create one or more forecast line for each forecast header. Forecast line contains item, date and forecast quantity related information.
Sequence Number:
Sequence number is a read-only field. System auto-populates a unique sequence number for all the lines across all the tabs for easy viewing of data of a single line in different tabs.

Line Id:
Line id is a read-only field. Line id is an auto increased, primary key of the fp_forecast_line table.

Item Information:
Enter the item number in the item number field. You can enter the item number in different ways
i. Enter 2 consecutive characters from any part of the item number in the item number field and system will show you a list of items containing the text entered in that field. You can select the item number from the suggestion list.
ii. If you know the complete item numbers then enter it in the item number field.
iii. If you want to search items, then click on item number field. System will show you a search icon next to the item field. Click on the search icon to search & select item.

System should auto populate item id, item description and unit of measure field from item number value.

Press tab to move to the revision field. If the item is revision controlled, then system will show all the available revisions in the revision field. Select the revision of the item.

Select bucket size of the forecast line.

Start Date & End Date:
Enter start and end date for the forecast line. You can use start & end to specify the number of buckets for the lines.
Ex : Requirement : Create a forecast line of 10 units/week of an item for next 6 weeks.
You can satisfy above requirement by creating 6 different forecast lines with 10 units in each line

A better alternative is to use a single line from week1 as start date and week6 as end date.
This reduces data entry and maintenance effort.
No of Bucket:
System auto-calculates the number of bucket from the selected start date, end date and bucket type.
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