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  • Forecast Over Consumption
  • nishitD
  • 2015-05-18 02:54:12
Forecast overconsumption shows the item & quantity for which you have created a sales order without a forecast. Forecast overconsumption is auto-generated by system to inform you that your forecast numbers are less than the actual demand.

During consumption process, if system cannot find an appropriate forecast entry to consume, system auto-create a new forecast entry with negative quantity to show the over consumption. MRP and other planning engines ignore overconsumption quantity and don’t plan for any material for overconsumed quantity.

Overconsumption is read-only report and cannot be updated directly. You can change the overconsumption quantity by changing either the sales order or the forecast.

You can view overconsumption details by navigating to Forecast & Planning -> Forecast ->Over Consumption

Enter the organization name, forecast group or any other dynamic criteria in the over consumption search form and click on the search button. System will show you the overconsumption item and quantity as per the entered search criteria.

Forecast Group:
Forecast group shows the name of the forecast group if available.

Org field shows the name of the inventory organization.

SO Number:
SO Number field shows the sales order number for which system couldn't do consumption as enough quantities were not forecasted.

Line Number:
Line Number field shows the sales order line number for which system couldn't do consumption as enough quantities were not forecasted.

Item Number:
Item Number field shows the item number in the sales order line for which system failed to do the consumption.

Unit of measure is applicable for the quantity of overconsumption. The UOM field defaults from item master and might be different from the UOM in sales order line.

Schedule Ship Date:
Schedule ship date of the sales order line for which overconsumption line is created.

Quantity field is always negative and shows the quantity by which actual demand (SO) is more than the forecasted demand.
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