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  • Master Demand Schedule
  • nishitD
  • 2015-05-20 12:43:25
Master Demand Schedule (MDS) is a consolidated demand from different sources that is used by various planning engines (such as MRP, Min Max Size Calculator) to determine supplies or sizes of supplies. MDS contains demand details taken from different sources and allows you to review, modify & confirm the anticipated shipment before the data is being used by planning engines.

MDS can be used as a demand source for:
• Forecast Calculation (past MDS for feature forecast)
• Material Requirement Plan
• Min Max Size Calculator

The demand types that the MDS can consider as demand source:
• Forecast
• A different MDS
• Sales Order

Master demand schedules are created in organization level but system considers all the sales order scheduled to be shipped from that given organization.
Ex : If you create an MDS in Org_01 then you can use that MDS only for MRP and MMC defined in Org_01. But when you run the Load MDS program, system will consider all the sales order in different business units that are scheduled to be shipped from Org_01.

You can include or exclude sales order from an MDS by using ‘Include Sales Order Check Box’. If you are using forecast with consumption then you should not include sales order in MDS.

You can derive the MDS demands by running load MDS program. If you need to modify / add /delete any demand line then you can do that in MDS form. After validating & conforming the MDS, you can use it for MRP/MMC.
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