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  • Calculate MRP Demand
  • nishitD
  • 2015-05-20 15:21:38
Use ‘Calculate MRP Demand’ program to calculate demand and size of MRP planned items as per the selected MRP Planner. You need to run this program before running the ‘MRP Create Planned Orders’ program

Navigation: Forecast & Planning -> MRP -> Calculate MRP Demand

Calculate MRP demand program considers all the demand of the demand source that is assigned to the MRP planner. It suggests the planned order by following the below 4 steps

1. Assign Low Level Code.
2. Netting & Lot Sizing.
3. Time Phasing.
4. Demand Explosion.

Calculate MRP demand program can take few seconds to few minutes to complete depending upon the number of items, BOM level, etc. It’s always advisable to schedule this program to auto-run in a non-working time zone.

To run the program, select the below parameters as applicable and then click on submit button.

Inventory Org Name:
Select inventory organization name. You can default the inventory organization name from the inventory organization profile.

Plan Name:
Enter a unique name for the Min Max planner.

Dynamic Criteria:
You can use dynamic criteria to enter any other criteria for the program
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