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  • nishitD
  • 2015-08-18 08:55:28
inoERP Project provides a flexible systemic approach to define and manage your projects, tasks, schedules, deliverables, and finances associated with them.

You can use project module for cost tracking for indirect, capital and contractual projects. You can also use project module for billing purpose for contractual projects. inoERP projects are controlled in the operating org level and integrates with other modules such as purchasing, payable, receivables, general ledger, etc to provide a complete end to end project lifecycle management solution .

At the highest level, a project represents a specific job undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. You can divide each project to different task. A task is specific activity with in a project that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time to achieve the goals of the project.

A task can contain main sub tasks. You can use tasks and sub tasks to define a complete work brake down structure for your project.

The 4 most important elements of a project are
1439888263_Project_Elemenets.png1. Project Members:
Project members are responsible for planning and executing a project and different tasks within that project. In inoERP project module, each project must have a Project Manager and any number of Project Team members, who are brought in to deliver their tasks according to the project schedule. On larger projects, you can define other project roles as per your project requirement (Ex: You can define Team Leads and provide them access to schedule/budget project tasks.)

2. Project Controls:
You can control which project tasks will be allowed to be charged and billed though project controls. You can also specific defaults for expenditure such as expenditure type, expenditure category & job.

3. Finance Option:
You can specify below financial elements for each project. You can default these values from project type, project templates, etc.
1. Revenue Accrual Method.
2. Invoice Accrual Method.
3. Billing Cycle.
4. Labor billing type.
5. Non-labor billing type.

4. References:
You can use references to record different reference for a project such as project source type, project source (ex: legacy system, from another project, etc). Template check box in the reference tab can be used to denote project templates which are used for creating new projects.

All inoERP code is Copyright by the Original Authors as mentioned on COPYRIGHT.txt file.
inoERP is an open Source software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0