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  • Project Budget
  • nishitD
  • 2015-08-18 09:21:33
Project budget is a detailed estimate of all the costs required to complete project tasks and the revenue that can be generated from the project. A detailed budget helps in controlling cost and there by managing the expectations of all the stakeholders.

1439889653_Budget.pngImportant points about budget
1. You need to setup budget types and budget entry methods before trying to create budget for any project.
2. inoERP comes with few seeded budget types but you can define new budget type through PRJ_BUDGET_TYPE option.
3. You cannot generate revenue for any contractual project before defining an approved revenue budget for that project.
4. You can define different revisions of a budget. System allows you to compare the details of different revisions of a budget.
5. You can create multiple budgets for one single project but you can create only one budget per budget type for one project.

Each project budget consists of 2 different levels of data
1. Header Level Information
2. Line Level Information

You can create budget by various different methods.
1. Manually entering all the header & line level details
2. Importing the entire header & line information from an excel file.
3. Copying an existing budget in the budget entry form.
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