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  • Budget Line Information
  • nishitD
  • 2015-08-18 09:33:04
You can enter task details in the budget line. If you don’t want to budget project in task levels then you enter the total budget amount in a single task. You can select only tasks of the project that is entered in the budget header level.


You can create budget lines by various different methods.
1. Manually entering line level information.
2. Importing line details from a spreadsheet.
3. Copying any existing budget line.

Line Id:
Line id is a read-only field. Line id is an auto increased, primary key of the prj_agreement_line table.

Task Number:
Enter the task number in the task number field. You can enter the task number in different ways
i. Enter 2 consecutive characters from any part of the task number in the task number field and system will show you a list of tasks of the header project. Select a task from the suggestion list.
ii. If you know the complete task number then enters it in the task number field.
iii. If you want to search tasks, then click on task number field. System will show you a search icon next to the task number field. Click on the search icon to search & project task.

Enter a resource name (not used till release 0.3.1)

Enter any comment /remark in the description field.

Cost Quantity:
Enter the resource cost quantity.

Raw Amount:
Enter the budgeted raw cost amount for the task.

Burden Amount:
Enter the budgeted burden cost amount for the task.
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