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  • Non Labor Resource
  • nishitD
  • 2015-08-18 09:58:21
You can define non labor resources to charge costs associated with fixed asset (such as PC, Server, Equipment, etc.) usages in a project. Expenditures with expenditure type class of usage should have a corresponding non labor resource defined in system. You can define different cost rate for the same non-labor resource in different business organizations.


You can create, view or update any existing non labor resource by navigating to Project -> Non Labor Resource.
To create a new Non Labor Resource/or update an existing Non Labor Resource, enter below information as applicable for the Non Labor Resource and then save the data.

Non Labor Type Header Id:
A unique system generated number. You can’t modify this number.

Resource Name:
Enter a name for the non-labor resource. This is a free field of 25 characters.

Expenditure Type:
Select an expenditure type as applicable for the non-labor resource.
It’s advisable to use an expenditure type with expenditure class of usage.

Enter any comment /remark in the description field.

Effective From & Effective To:
Enter effective from and effective to dates as applicable for the non-labor resource.

Cost Rates:
You can set different cost rates for the same non-labor resource in different business orgs.
If you don’t enter any cost for a non-labor resource then system will use the rate of the expenditure type in all cost transactions.
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