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1  Multiple receipt Anonymous
3  files getting downloaded in nginx Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Non Kit Items are received as Kit mehul
1  PO Reeving Finance Problem Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Cost Histroy Bali
8  Can I import or otherwise incorporate another database or tables? Mich
1  Item Types in Item Type Field RajuG
1  PO question Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Best Practice for Long Lead Items bala.subra76
4  Win 2012 Install duplicate physical path for website Anonymous
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  Good suggestion. Will implement in next release nishitD
  Ping me or drop me a mail We can discuss further mehul
  Is it possible to get the custom component you're using Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Yes, that was the reason. It took me some time but was able to fix it. I would Anonymous\SelfWeb
 Depends what process you are following If you are using PO , Invoice (or both ) mehul
  So what do you advise? Anonymous\SelfWeb
 Sorry, did not realize that we are using a custom component for fixed asset addi mehul
  hi Ino, came across this, is there a documentation on AM asset maintenance? Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Adding new asset (asset details, asset book and source lines) doesn't create an Anonymous\SelfWeb
 All the FA journals are created in unposted status in GL. So make sure you post bala.subra76
 Balance sheet info gets auto updated whenever you add a new fixed asset. You do mehul
  You might have open purchase orders or requisitions mehul
  You must have screwed up something :-) Anyway, open the define_const.inc fil Anonymous\SelfWeb
  im using git hub version, and apache v2.4 headers. <link href="htt Anonymous\SelfWeb
 which version r u using? use github if still does not work check what path i murie
  hi, already did but if you check inverp.net, nothing is comin also the page: h Anonymous\SelfWeb
 Thank you bala.subra76. That was a great help Can I have you number of email Anonymous\SelfWeb
  What do you mean by locale is not valid ? If you plan to use only English th bala.subra76
  Upgrade has two parts - DB Update and File Update. Before doing anything fir bala.subra76
  I did not set a password for my SQL, I can log into the SQL and PHP without a p 58fa520a1df9e
 The issue is resolved. Get the template and js files from github nishitD
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