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1  Port Number During Installtion Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  UOM Conversion Problem Anonymous\SelfWeb
2  Looks Crazy in IE9 Himanshu
2  Auto Save When click on line Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Custom Report Sorting Issue Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Tablet / Mobile View Anonymous
1  PO Release Anonymous
1  AR Tax Code Issue Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  allowing selling but not buying Anonymous\SelfWeb
  WIP Variance Reporting Anonymous\SelfWeb
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  You are always welcome!!! bala.subra76
  Oh i see , so that's how it work., thanks bala.subra76. It's kinda hard to no Lim
  Nothing will happen but after you click on (+) you can enter the customer name bala.subra76
  I've been wondering how to add item or customer until i found this part: "Cust Lim
  No, You dont need to modify the core templates. Use the core template and crea nishitD
  Looks strange; As per design, system should n't allow you to enter any value t Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Thanks nishitD, finally it works. The record seem can't be saved when you ent Lim
  I just cheked the demo site. There were 3 new orgs indeed but those org's whe nishitD
  Hi nishitD and mehul, @nishitD no, there's no record created in user_group_a Lim
  Hi Lim, I just tested again and was able to create a new org. I was not aw mehul
  You can check the record in user_group_access table nishitD
  @ lim, are you able to see the new organization after saving the group acces nishitD
  Hi mehul, i tried setup from scratch again, download source from github in zip Lim
  Are you able to reproduce this issue ? If, yes please attach the screenshots mehul
  @ Nishit Is it not possible to have a setup for this in Admin with all the t mehul
  Hey Lim, Let me explain the concept first 1. Each user has access groups. mehul
  You have to hack the save.js file as there is no setup for this. Change below nishitD
  Thanks for response, i'm using the latest source from github. Regarding the Lim
  To fix the orientation issue, you need to correct the path of org. You nee mehul
 Check the below links (Every time you create a new org, you need to give access mehul
 Hi, is there any documentation how to create new organization ?, i have tried to lim
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