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1  Error on Converting req Anonymous
1  Error on Converting req Anonymous
  is GitHub updated Anonymous\SelfWeb
  is GitHub updated Anonymous\SelfWeb
  is GitHub updated Anonymous\SelfWeb
3  Not able tp login as Admin Anonymous\SelfWeb
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 For Suppliers, Check Accounts Payable -> Reports If these don't satisfy your Anonymous\SelfWeb
 Thanks a lot. What is the best way to assign new role? Should I do that in Admin Anonymous\SelfWeb
 it [sales invoice and purchase invoice ] is outstanding receivable and payabl Anonymous\SelfWeb
  You can't delete any user - required for audit trial purpose! You can assign a Anonymous\SelfWeb
  If you plan to use form page for print-out then use below CSS @media print{ nishitD
  print means just a print of the form. PDF print is available where required su Anonymous\SelfWeb
  I guess the reason is adding all countries just creates unncessary data; anyway mehul
 which version are you using ? There is no issue with the latest version. Chec mehul
  What bill? Item bill ? Sales Invoice ? Purchasing Invoice ? project bill ? Anonymous\SelfWeb
  A good requirement. However, user logins templates were not available as of 0.4 nishitD
  I'll try it that way. Thanks Anonymous\SelfWeb
 Have you selected a master org in creating the item ? Anonymous\SelfWeb
  what is company's database ?? Are you referring to organization structure? bala.subra76
 Don't download, unizp and then upload - It's not only waste of time & stupid way bala.subra76
 i was refering to the company's database Anonymous\SelfWeb
 When you install the system, you need to enter the database details that system bala.subra76
  You have to create a custom template for this! Anonymous\SelfWeb
  That is a quite standard feature: system does allow you change price for appro bala.subra76
  I can do it for you for few buck!!! drop me a mail to my id : mbatt.xyz@gmail. Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Install github client in your desktop and do a pull Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Dont think possible without a new template. However, it should not be difficul bala.subra76
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