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1  Bar code Support Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Bar code Support Anonymous\SelfWeb
  PO Type Usage jeeni_lawarance
  PO Type Usage jeeni_lawarance
  PO Type Usage jeeni_lawarance
1  Graphs are too big Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Graphs are too big Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Graphs are too big Anonymous\SelfWeb
9  Min Max Size Calculation Anonymous\SelfWeb
9  Min Max Size Calculation Anonymous\SelfWeb
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  you can create a custom template by copying the existing template and then allo Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Just do a pull, GitHub will automatically detect all the new files and will syn Anonymous\SelfWeb
 Hi NishitD, Which file should I sync from Github, I cannot able to find the o Anonymous\SelfWeb
  There was some issue with the development version. Please sync with GitHub and nishitD
 please check the attached image Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Hi Bala, Thank you, for your reply. I didn't find "Sd Pick List V&quo Anonymous\SelfWeb
 you also need to give access to sd_pick_list_v bala.subra76
  User Group Assignment bala.subra76
  Hi Bala, I have my own User Group 'Group1' still I can able to see other O Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Thank you philly Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Hi, Friends, I want to learn this ERP to implement in my teeth. Manual that I Anonymous\SelfWeb
 If you are using Apache/Oracle http/nginx then there is no difference. If you a bala.subra76
  Use 'User Group Assignment' bala.subra76
 Working fine. property_exists($v,$row_e) Replace To property_exists($row_e, Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Thank you, Bala. We will do configure as per you suggestion. Regards Sa Anonymous\SelfWeb
  DFF is an option for custom fields and its available in all the forms in Oracle bala.subra76
  Hi Philly, I gathered Information on this from oracle aspect of view, it ne Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Thank You, For the information. Thanks, Srinivas. Anonymous\SelfWeb
  The role admin is special ; it's a seeded role and It has all the access to eve Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Hi Philly, The above response which you explained for only one Item with Leng Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Length, Height, Thickness, Weight, Volume etc are standard attributes that you Philly
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