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  Yes I uploaded files via ftp from windows 7. So how did you fix this issue ? Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Issue resolved and committed to gitHUB. You can replace below files in your nishitD
  Your file seems to be corrected / messed up Are you uploading in the files t mehul
  Thanks for the help... I set php 5.5 as default. But now I recieve another erro Anonymous\SelfWeb
  No, I dont think should be required to enter account for subinventory transfe mehul
  gr8! that worked but there seems to be another issue. when I select sub in Erita
  Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/demoerp/public_html/mod mehul
  Thanks bala.subra76 I guess this will reduce our current effort by a great Bijen
  Which means you are not in PHP 5.5 as required for inoERP I guess Yield was i nishitD
  1. Suppliers who keep goods at our premise but we dont bill them till we use it bala.subra76
  Why are you still using IE9? I thought the site inoideas.org doesn't open bala.subra76
  You can put that in host field ex : localhost:3100 If you are using defau bala.subra76
  Issue Fixed and committed to git nishitD
  We don't support anything below IE11. Though it might work in IE 10, we advi nishitD
  You are always welcome!!! bala.subra76
  Oh i see , so that's how it work., thanks bala.subra76. It's kinda hard to no Lim
  Nothing will happen but after you click on (+) you can enter the customer name bala.subra76
  I've been wondering how to add item or customer until i found this part: "Cust Lim
  No, You dont need to modify the core templates. Use the core template and crea nishitD
  Looks strange; As per design, system should n't allow you to enter any value t Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Thanks nishitD, finally it works. The record seem can't be saved when you ent Lim
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