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  Yes, as per the current design, the lot and serial reservations are removed o nishitD
 The word selling doesn't go along with open source products. You sell what you Prabhas
 You can if you customize and give it some value. At the end, your client/custom bala.subra76
  Thanks a lot for all the information & suggestion, I surely want to conform to Anonymous\SelfWeb
  You also need to run the main program @ Admin -> Program -> Start Main Prog mehul
 Legally, you might do (not 100% sure) as inoERP is an open source product but et mehul
  Run the create sales order program from eCommerce module eCommerce -> Program vikas
  Are you trying in localhost ? If you are in windows server then make sure yo bala.subra76
  You can consider using subscription module available in help desk. bala.subra76
  You have to change the basics.js files for this but I dont think that would be bala.subra76
  This question is irrelevant to this post. Create a new top/question Anyway, bala.subra76
 Please also let me know how to import e-commerce sales orders for processing. Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Thank you Nishit. Issue resolved. Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Check below 2 conditions 1. The item is enabled in the shipping inventory or nishitD
  My order status is "booked", item status = "awaiting_picking" but not awailable Anonymous\SelfWeb
 I have created a sales order. Order status is "Booked" and line status is "await Anonymous\SelfWeb
 You can make a field mandatory and non-mandatory in three levels 1. UI Level - nishitD
  Thanks a lot. Anonymous\SelfWeb
  You can check the documentation section on the site but I have never read tha mehul
 Thank you Mehul for your response. You are absolutely right about functional un Anonymous\SelfWeb
  You can use any IDE (I use net beans). What are you studying? If you are not i mehul
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