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  can not create address duong90haui
1  inv categeries Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Customisation Anonymous\SelfWeb
2  Attachment for user Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Generating query log Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  User login functionality problem Anonymous\SelfWeb
  user as a supplier Anonymous\SelfWeb
5  Supplier User Anonymous\SelfWeb
2  mail only insert time Anonymous\SelfWeb
9  query($sql)) { $this->msg = 'yes'; } else { $this->msg = 'no'; } return $this->msg; } when ever i am calling above function i am getting error message---> Execution failed! in dbObject Query: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error" href="http://inoideas.org/content/inouser-class">ino_user class Anonymous\SelfWeb
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  purchase order item select but price not visible.how to work? Anonymous\SelfWeb
  please find the attachment for error message Anonymous\SelfWeb
  i added status field in $field_a, that time showing message your registration f Anonymous\SelfWeb
  What ??? How will I get that message. I have nothing to do with inoERP project bala.subra76
 The status field is not used in the current ino_user class. (Don't ask me why ?? mehul
  hi, I forward a mail using contact form i.e.,contact@inoideas.org.Is this way Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Country code is an option. So, go to setup -> Option -> Search Option E mehul
  That means your mail credentials are wrong or you have entered wrong informatio Anonymous\SelfWeb
  You can control through group access if the two user belongs to different group mehul
  Please ping me or drop me an e-mail bala.subra76
  You can check "fp_reports" , supply_analysis function for ref bala.subra76
  You have to create a method in your class with your logic (which is not hard to bala.subra76
 I used default items for POS, and generated transaction header id, that id i ent Anonymous\SelfWeb
  I attached screen shot of output. Please check it once Anonymous\SelfWeb
  I attached screen shot of output. Please check it once Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Hi, May i know the cost details regarding this Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Thanks Anonymous\SelfWeb
 Even if the update button is visible, you can't actually update the address if y mehul
  No worries mehul
  sorry mehul its working fine. Thankyou Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Just checked, there is nothing wrong. Can you attach a screenshot showing what mehul
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