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  what about number public static $system_info = [ 'name' => 'xxx', Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Provide more details : module name, path where you are keeping it, class name a bala.subra76
  Creating new module i am following the below link http://inoideas.org/conten Anonymous\SelfWeb
 Thankyou I already seen that path.but here also i am not able to see my new Anonymous\SelfWeb
  First, you need to enable the module @ Admin -> System -> All Modules bala.subra76
  Thankyou its working.. Anonymous\SelfWeb
 It works if you include the class files in basics.inc file (by default these tw mehul
  I can do that for you if you are ready to pay. Ping me if you wish. Else you mehul
 Thanks for the reply. yes, i want that Customization.Can u please help me? Anonymous\SelfWeb
 You can change the default role to a role that does not have any access. Thereby Mahesh
  Sync POS program does that. You need to schedule this program to run after a s mehul
  You can read the documentation. But to be honest, if you don't have any good ER mehul
  You can use service request if you have sold something to the customer (with a mehul
  Any guidelines? Anonymous\SelfWeb
  The issue was resolved sometime back. Get the latest version from gihub mehul
  I hope you have run the "Create Sales Order" Program. Also if your m Anonymous\SelfWeb
  use the id/password inoerp/inoerp if u r using another user, make sure the use nishitD
  Make sure that e-commerce controls are defined for the business org All the do nishitD
  Hi, Can you please give me screen shots for how to generate barcode for the it Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Hai I am using 0.51 version. i am not able to see new Module which I created Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Just use the seeded organization structure, you will be doing all your activiti Bala
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