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1  error: No currency found Yoga
6  Report (Balance Sheet and Income Statement) Custom Creation Anonymous
3  Purchase Order Problem Anonymous
  Purchase Order Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Login Error Anonymous
  Cash Flow Inoerp Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Fixed Asset Anonymous
2  sales order invoice process Anonymous
1  Step by Step to create Chart of Accounts harish
  Password Reset Not Working harish
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 Templates are nothing but non-inventory items, You can treat them as documents. nishitD
 Thanks I 'll try that. I have never used it before To be sure, are you referr Biplab
  I had faced the same issue in past. I guess the dbUpdate program doesn't work p Chan
  Comparing Wikipedia / Facebook with an ERP doesn’t make any sense. Yes, they eniza
 Just repeating what has been said many times in many places….If Wikipedia and Anonymous\SelfWeb
  It is not just about open source software but PHP has been successfully used in Kedio
 In long term, we have planned to include field exclusion functionality, where yo nishitD
  I would also like to have a similar feature. Ex: While accessing the Sales Ord Abdul
  Current stable released version is 0.1.2 but I would suggest you to get downlao nishitD
  If you are asking this to know if PHP is good enough to be used as a primary la Guturn
  No, That's not possible. Excel upload is supposed to be used only for one time Guturn
 Nice Reply!! Gutrun
 Use the product if its work for you else ignore...why care so much about what ha Pradeep
 I can understand your frustration (If I can call it so), but I would say, first nishitD
 There was some issue with the BOM form ; Please sync again in gitHUB and it shou nishitD
 I personally don’t like to participate in these kinds of discussions; would pr nishitD
 Tried to save normal BOM and can't save that either.  Everrything was working Henry
 Yes, I know PL/SQL is definitely not a good language to write all the business l Anonymous\SelfWeb
 What do you mean by Confirm the receipt is failing. Please elaborate ; Write th nishitD
 Nishit,          I did as suggested, was able to complete successfully, th Anonymous\SelfWeb
 If you can write Oracle 11i/R12 with a crappy language (PL/SQL) then why not PHP Anonymous\SelfWeb
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