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  Password Reset Not Working harish
1  Ledger creation Anonymous
  Return PO Anonymous\SelfWeb
  pls help me out to add items krishna
1  No approved revenue found Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Online/Offline Data Sync Dual Installation Samuel Osoba
  create 2 bill for same item Anonymous
  Can Change Seeded Option Type bala.subra76
1  Lower Completion Status Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Debugging inoerp source code Anonymous
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  @OP, For each new org, you need to give organization access to the roles. whic nishitD
 There is not much setup for Enterprise once you create an organization as enterp bala.subra76
  Yes, we badly need some good user documentation. Always feel free to call/ nishitD
  Functionality wise there is no difference. You can can use either of the form nishitD
  Thanks for your feedback. Still exploring inoERP will share a user documentati Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Please guys do let me know if you are able to re-produce this. I have never no nishitD
  What do you mean by that ? System is not creating GL journals Or Journals a nishitD
  I have also seen this before but there is no need to log out & re-login. I just bala.subra76
  Thanks!!!!! That's exactly what I was looking for. Please do make this avai Ankur
  To be exact, enter the above code in line 27 @ index.php nishitD
  There is no setting for this (but I 'll take this and we 'll add in next update nishitD
  Read the documentation @ http://inoideas.org/content.php?content_type=documen bala.subra76
  Go through the documentations @ http://inoideas.org/content.php?content_type= bala.subra76
  If you get the latest code form https://github.com/inoerp/inoERP then during in nishitD
  You can use secondary field in any form as you wish. By default, it's not avai nishitD
  Fix should be available by tomorrow evening. nishitD
 Consumption records don't affect original forecast data. Forecast details are nishitD
 Sorry checked again. The output is showing below error Record couldnt be sav bala.subra76
  Thanks nishitD, I removed the custom template and now can see all the detail Anonymous\SelfWeb
  I have been in supply chain for 2 decades and have used many different method Sdirky
 User form uses mail settings to send mail for new user. So, I guess you could b nishitD
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