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2  Generate pick list (Sale order) Anonymous\SelfWeb
3  Search Ledger - Syntax Error Anonymous\SelfWeb
2  cannot make purchase order Anonymous
1  Fixed OH Rate Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  cant add my account Anonymous\SelfWeb
5  Sales Order Payment Anonymous
1  Payment process Anonymous
2  E-commerce - create sales order Anonymous
  Cant add Expenditure Anonymous\SelfWeb
4   Error @dbObject @@ Line 648 Anonymous\SelfWeb
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 Hello Nishit,   Thanks For the reply , Can you provide me the steps to follow Anonymous\SelfWeb
 The simple answer is yes, you can create organization and give access to differe nishitD
 Hi Pramod, Try with .xls or .xlsx format. Below are the formats enabled by de Anonymous\SelfWeb
 Can I use only the account  & cost ceter as chart of accounnt. Anonymous\SelfWeb
 I guess, it's kind of confusing for new comers. So, I have decided to seggreate nishitD
 Yes , its done for easy mainteance. There was a requirement for one company who nishitD
 I wish it is as simple as that, But the issue here is Setup Option & Admin Optio Anonymous\SelfWeb
 Yes , organizations are now available under setup -> Org -> Generic configuratio nishitD
 Good...It' same for supplier & Items - All the master data nishitD
 I apologize for the confusion, I was able to find and create Customer Successful Anonymous\SelfWeb
 1. Unable to find a screen to Create Customers   Please advise.   Pramod Anonymous\SelfWeb
 1. Unable to find a screen to Create Customers   Please advise.   Pramod Anonymous\SelfWeb
 1. Need Navigation to Create Organization Structure     - Saw the Video which Anonymous\SelfWeb
 Navigate to supplier form When you eneter any value in supplier name field, s nishitD
 Please let me know what do you mean by unable to add/update/delete ?   Are yo Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Fixed Asset Module is already available where you can create, maintain, deprec nishitD
 system is not able to generate barcode labels after PO receipt. Check if the ba nishitD
 7) Does Inoerp have Document Management & BI Module? Document Management has va nishitD
 Make sure the account code that you are loading through excel exists in value gr nishitD
 Below General Ledger related reports have been released.  You can check the det nishitD
 I get the same issue when trying to install.   I'm using godaddy as webhostin Vera
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