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2  GL Trainig for inoERP Anonymous\SelfWeb
  GL Budget Anonymous\SelfWeb
2  Ecommerce--sales order Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Support for Barcode generation in inoerp Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Access denied Anonymous\SelfWeb
  barcode Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  How can i manage small shop or small company in InoERP Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Charts in Local vs Server Ben
1  Delete Comments Vedi
1  Cant apply leave Hemanshu
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 Unable to proceed the installation , Fatal error: Cannot redeclare __() (pre Anonymous\SelfWeb
 Don't want to sound rude. However, the truth is If you don't have time to write mehul
  Kit is available in both Sales and Purchasing (Which is a new concept and not bala.subra76
  Ok do we have any news regarding this? Anonymous\SelfWeb
  i have been added this coloum to the table hr_employee and also give the defaul Anonymous\SelfWeb
 I have disabled gettext extension. Getting some another issue. Please check. Anonymous\SelfWeb
 Config BOM is a type of BOM which is not fixed and configured on the fly during bala.subra76
  It's same as any other module Add a new secondary field Modify your template bala.subra76
  Are you using the new assigned to option ? if yes, can u see item id m and MA bala.subra76
 Have you created a secondary field with that name ? Setup -> Secondary Fie bala.subra76
  gettext does not work properly on windows there is a workaround but just cant bala.subra76
  Hi Mehul, Thank you for the reply, Actually We are Using Windows 8.1. Is t Anonymous\SelfWeb
  human resource ->employe I have added a coloun that is 'ifsc_code' i have Anonymous\SelfWeb
  I am using windows 8.1 Thankyou Anonymous\SelfWeb
 Working fine for me R u using any MS OS ? mehul
  i am also try to do this joshef
  I has been add an org. But when i an trying to add an employee i can't get the Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Use correct version of PHP (7+ or 5.6+) abhik
  Thankyou nishitD Its Working fine.Actually i was forget to took that 'inclu Anonymous\SelfWeb
 Make sure , your file and folder structure is same as in github https://githu nishitD
  Thank you What ever you told I synced the data from github and using below u Anonymous\SelfWeb
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