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1  Agreement Amount Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Materiel back flush Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Single PO for multiple requistions Anonymous\SelfWeb
2  PO Return Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Project Milestone update Prabhat
1  maintenance management for oil refinery Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  No work type in expenditure Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  new org and updating Anonymous
1  Delete Item Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  how to view purchase order? Anonymous
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  Sir, i am using linux server. In "includes\basics\settings" i could not able t Anonymous\SelfWeb
  I dont think there is any RFID maker that provides PHP API. Most of the devi nishitD
  @op have you done the settings correctly in social login form ? Check the Key nishitD
  There seems to be some jquery/css issue. I 'll fix and commit it today. nishitD
  What server are you using ?? If you are on windows then you have to use SMT nishitD
  That is nothing to do with inoERP. Check the Hybrid Auth product. http:// mehul
 Hi experts, Any update on the error. Thanks in advance. Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Yes, finally I got. I was not considering the items used in differnt levels Anonymous\SelfWeb
 happy to help you anytime bala.subra76
  Thanks sir. It is done. Awesome Support you guys doing. Hats off. Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Have you created any employee ?? If yes, are you able to search them on employ bala.subra76
  Thanks sir, As per your instruction i tried, but no effect. i mean even after s Anonymous\SelfWeb
  1. Create an employee 2. Create an user Click on the associate tab on the u bala.subra76
  Yes Sir, you are correct. Any ways how to link employee ID fro HR to create its Anonymous\SelfWeb
 On a second though I guess system should provide the flexibility to auto-create bala.subra76
  No...that is not a good construct. Might be good for small organizations where bala.subra76
 Of course you have to change the print template to suit your requirements. The bala.subra76
  Thanks for your prompt response. But i am unable to export with good format. Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Check the below http://inoideas.org/files/temp/1428723546_10_steps_inoerp_In bala.subra76
 The product comes with few seeded users if you have installed the demo version. bala.subra76
  You are below PHP 5.5 and that's your PHP dont understand what is a Trait :-) bala.subra76
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