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1  Price Anonymous
  German Version Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  German Version Anonymous
  Picking problem from non-locator Anonymous\SelfWeb
  error in sending registration Anonymous
1  WO Completion Date Anonymous\SelfWeb
8  Reselling to customers Sohail
12  e-commerce sale Anonymous\SelfWeb
5  Error in registration Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  Lot Reservation Issue Anonymous\SelfWeb
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  Ok, guess that makes sense. I'm an IT guy (C, Perl, LiveCode, databases, lots o Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Let me know your business requirements in details then only I 'll be able to nishitD
  Yes Mehul, you were correct. There was an issue with javascript. It's fixed no nishitD
  Great! Yes, I'd like to know how to create an extension. Do you have a good lin Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Make sure the item is an asset item (item -> Manufacturing tab -> inventory a nishitD
  Regarding add a new table, depends what you want to achieve. If it's simple nishitD
  You can add any new field (column to an existing table) to a document by usi nishitD
  OK, found that. Thx!! The sample data is clear. However, does your last tip Anonymous\SelfWeb
  You can use mass upload to create/update any data through a CSV file. Use it d nishitD
  You can use priority in the option line/values System uses priority number nishitD
  That's quite standard. From the auto-create form, you can check all the requ bala.subra76
  @bala what you have suggested is good but IIS behaves differently from Apa mehul
  Glad that worked but consider the security aspects before using in production I bala.subra76
  That was the ticket! And of course was about the only file that I didn't loo Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Have you modified the define_const.inc file as described in the installation bala.subra76
  Showing the 'unsaved changes' message on search forms is certainly not the nishitD
  I 'll update this in installation file nishitD
  You can do that but you need to modify couple of files. 1. basics.inc @ incl nishitD
  did some testing this weekend and quite impressed with the performance of P nishitD
  Yes, got the new code from gitHUB and it look's perfect. Anyone interested to mehul
  All the inoerp related issues have been resolved and committed to gitHUB. nishitD
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