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1  Bug : Serial Number Reservation mehul
1  How to change the theme of dashboard Anonymous\SelfWeb
1  SO Line Status Ani India
1  Reservation Question Henryz
1  Cost error for expense items Anonymous\SelfWeb
  error in saving multiple data of education details Anonymous\SelfWeb
5  error in saving multiple data of education details smdiliyas
1  error on installing Anonymous
1  Installing INO erp Anonymous
1  Error while loading Page of inoERP Anonymous
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 Hello Nishit Calendar_template.php didn't help me to solve the issue. what Anonymous\SelfWeb
 There was an issue with calendar template. I have fixed and committed in github nishitD
  Even in the demo site, its not possible to add the period for the newly created Anonymous\SelfWeb
 HI I tried with windows+wamp server also, but still i cannot define any periods Anonymous\SelfWeb
  I downloaded the new master branch as a zip file( i hope this will be the lates Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Yes, it should work if you install gettext Chceck below for instruction on ena mehul
  ok, thanks. But a desktop Ubuntu with LAMP, work fine? thanks Fabio Anonymous\SelfWeb
 No it's not same as using Linux. mail, gettext , etc dont work properly in wind Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Which version are you using. That was quite an old issue. Can you pull from gi Anonymous\SelfWeb
  I've just try Ubuntu server, but I'm too much a "windows user".. I do not kno Anonymous\SelfWeb
  Ops.. I'm trying on a Windows machine .. Install a VM with Linux, although I Anonymous\SelfWeb
  CSS issue. Fixed and Committed to gitHub nishitD
  Yes, you can use the item upload template to upload the min max sizes. nishitD
  The shipments and lines are combined and presented as lines in inoERP. This nishitD
  Some issue with file structure. It's now fixed and committed to gitHUB. nishitD
 Yes, most of the simple ERPs doing provide routing but it's as important as BOM. nishitD
  Depends on a lot of factor such as size of the organization, the modules requir nishitD
 The error is fixed and committed to gitHub nishitD
 I have created a simple Italian translation as per below dictionary https://ssl nishitD
  It's open source and there is no license fee. So, you can download and use it. bala.subra76
  Ok, I've created a new folder it_IT by copying en_US, after the translation in Anonymous\SelfWeb
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