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  • How to shift to production instance
  • 2015-05-20 08:30:20
I have successfuly installed inoERP but I want to go to the production instance. What do I have to do?

Furthermore I don't have any prior experience of using Oracle R12, could you refer me some reading material.
If you get the latest code form https://github.com/inoerp/inoERP then during installation you can select either Demo / Production instance.
Use demo for initial development and production for real production instance.

If you have already installed demo and dont want to install again then you can convert demo to production by following steps
1. Navigate to Admin -> Program -> Convert to Production
Select the parameters and submit the program. (see the details in the attached file).

2. If you have scheduled the main program then go to step 3.
If you have not scheduled the main program then run the main program by navigating to
Admin -> Program -> Start Main Program
(Use a different browser i.e if you are working in Chrome then use firefox as this program will take one minute to complete and during that time you can't access inoerp from that browser - this is how all browsers work)

3. Navigate to search program request and check your program (in step1) is completed.

That's All. All the demo data should be gone by now

  • Anonymous
  • 2015-05-26 08:39:00
Thanks for your feedback.
Still exploring inoERP will share a user documentation, which I am currently working on.Reply

Yes, we badly need some good user documentation.

Always feel free to call/drop a mail to us for any question (We work in Singapore time zone)Reply
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