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  • Role Not found where to assign limit to the Role
  • 2017-01-05 14:35:43

We have found two types of roles i) User Role, and ii) Hrms Role, User role we are using to assign classes, and Hrms role we find in HRteam.

But how to assign defined limit to the role?

Pls get me clarity on the below link

Thank you,
You can use Job, Position, and BU Org for approval limit
Ex: Job: Manager - All Managers Can approve
Or Position: Sr Purchasing Manager - Only Senior Purchasing Manager Can approve
Or Position & Bu Org: Sr Purchasing Manager in London Business - Only Senior Purchasing Manager of London business org Can approve

Role is not used anywhere.
Role is used for controlling what you can access in the system (which forms, reports, etc)
  • Anonymous
  • 2017-01-06 05:50:18
Hi Mehul,

In the Purchasing Control, PO Approval Hierarchy has two options, i) Next Supervisor, and ii) Position Based. In regards to your above message, which one should I take, I think Position based looks fair.
Then what about the Next Supervisor ? how it will works if I take PO Approval Hierarchy as Next Supervisor, Configuration side can you give me detail process for the Supervisor Hierarchy.

Thank you,
Next Supervisor means the supervisor of the employee.
Ex : Employee A
Role : Buyer

Supervisor of A : B
B's Role : Team Lead

Supervisor of B: C
C's Role : Purchasing Manager

If you set the hierarchy to Next Supervisor, then when Employee A creates a PO and does not have necessary approval limit then system will send a notification to B to approve the PO and only B can approve it. However, if B does not have the authority, it will send a notification to C

In case of position, system sends notification to all the employees in the next position (as per position hierarchy) and any employee in the next position can approve the PO
  • Anonymous
  • 2017-01-17 09:32:58
Thank you, Mehul.Reply
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