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  • Sales Order Payment
  • 2015-09-26 18:36:59
Can you please elaborate, how the payment for a sales order is processed for e-commerce sales scenario as well as for offline sale order processing?
When I click on invoice button for a sales order in 'Sales and Distribution' module, I only see a screen refresh. There's no notification about a generated invoice. How can I generate/approve an invoice and register payment?
Normal O2C (Order 2 Cash Cycle)
1. Create a sales order ( Ignoring the lead, opportunities, quote processes)
2. Book the sales order
3. Do a pick release (system creates delivery and moves the goods from Finished Good/Store to Staging area)
4. Ship the delivery (System inserts all the receivable invoice details in interface table)
5. Import the invoice and system creates an AR invoice for you
6. when you get payment from your customer (Via EFT/Check/Cash), Create a receipt and apply to the AR invoice

In case of e-Commerce sales, the scenario can be same or different depending on the method of payment.
If the customer pays on line payment then system captures the payment amount in the sales order and AR invoice.
Then you can manually create a receipt (to create finance account ing --- Cash Dr and Receivable Cr) and apply to the AR invoice.

If you e-Comm payment is Cash On Delivery or Off-line payment then the flow is same as normal O2C

The Point of Sales process is also similar
  • Anonymous
  • 2015-10-28 18:53:29

how do you:
1. import the invoice
2. create a receipt when i get a cash payment?

1. Accounts Receivable -> AR Transaction -> Transaction Interface

2. Accounts Receivable -> AR ReceiptReply
  • Anonymous
  • 2016-07-27 05:42:09
what the difference here the terms, point of sale and o2c.Reply
POS is only applicable for retail where payments are usually made through cash/card. So basically, you get paid instantly. Your revenue and cash accounting takes place in the same day/hour.

e-Commerce sales are applicable for online shipments (if you are using inoerp e-commerce module ). Here the payments can be online or on delivery and correspondingly you might generate an invoice and use a receivable account.

Sales & Distribution Module Sales Order is for standard sales that happen in all other sales mode. Infact e-commerce orders are also auto converted to sales order after user check out their cart.Reply
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