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  • unable to click any icon and right side panel
  • sanjeevsfive
  • 2018-03-31 15:13:03
Hi Team,
I have just install inoerp 0.71... I am unable to get any response of any click made on the Dashboard and Right side panel,
Due to which Can't Update/Delete/Add the Data.
Did you know how to fix this?
run 3Reply
  • Anonymous
  • 2018-08-20 09:25:28
great article, I was very impressed about it, wish you would have stayed next share
Piano Tiles 2Reply
  • phamyen
  • 2018-09-14 08:13:58
Thank you for such a sweet tutorial - all this time later, I've found it and love the end result. I appreciate the time you spent sharing your skills.
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